Super Hero Coaching







Finding and developing your child's individuality and identity, and discovering what is truly important to them


Communication skills to inspire and grow your child through the challenging teenage years


Build a vision of a compelling future by setting goals, actions and habits to achieve it

Coaching Packages

5 Session Package

$1187.00 /Package

Initial complimentary Strategy Session
Sessions can be used by your child or yourself
Changing beliefs for better outcomes
Create strategies for School and Social
Habit building

10 Session Package

$1997.00 /Package (Best Value)

Initial complimentary Strategy Session
Same items as 5 Session Package
Establishing and setting values
Resolve core issues affecting emotions
Motivation through creating goals, actions and habits

Both Packages

Payment plans available / Full Guarantee / In person..Via Skype..Or by phone

Contact us for details

Dear Hamish and Kelly at Aim Coaching,
Thank you so much for your valuable advice, guidance and support of my son, my partner and myself in showing us how to open lines of communication and to begin to enjoy renewed relationships with each other based on truth, honesty, courage and mindful communication.
The coaching we have all received from you (and continue to receive) is something that I have never been able to access through psychologists, spiritual advisors or even friends.
In your initial public information sessions, you gave us valuable insight into how NLP coaching works by accessing areas of the subconscious and providing scientifically verifiable information on how the subconscious can affect how the human brain works and thinks, resulting in how a person acts.
Without sounding corny, coaching has literally saved my life. I have become, and continue to be unburdened of negative internal emotions and the limiting beliefs associated with them. A beautiful result for me personally and the people in my life.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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