To enable everyone to embrace their own individuality and have the courage to create their own version of a compelling and inspiring future.


We need to raise a generation of Super Heroes who not only understand that they all have their own unique super powers, and are able to not only embrace and utilize these powers, but are also driven to empower others to do the same.


AIM supports parents to empower their teenagers by helping them through their most important developmental years. AIM’s clients learn how to create a vision, discover their passion, improve their self-worth and remove anxieties, allowing them to thrive, not just survive.


With 5 children ranging from 11 to 21, co-authors of “How to Raise a Super Hero”, Kelly and Hamish, understand the challenges of parenting teenagers. More so, they now have proficient strategies.
NLP training gave them tools and insights to better understand their own children, and know that teenagers require much more support in today’s socially connected and emotionally disconnected world.


Commit to provide excellence in coaching and training that allows individuals to eliminate adversity, design their vision, and focus on actions to consistently achieve successful outcomes. All within a foundation of integrity, honesty, compassion and ethical business principles.


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